Saturday, August 1, 2009

The Toy Squeaks For Thee

A quiet Saturday morning and I am outside enjoying the cool air and the sounds of birds as well as the sound of distant traffic. All of a sudden a loud noise rips the stillness asunder. The sound is hard to describe, but if you are a dog owner you will understand, it was an unreal squawk. This was followed shortly thereafter by the sounds of crumpling plastic and low growls. Looking up from my working in progress, I see my dog, Toby (part American Eskimo and part Chihuahua); fling a hot pink plush octopus towards me. I had to duck but thankfully it was not that hard of a toss and it only landed at me feet – staring up at me with is wide open eyes. Toby looked at it for a moment and turned his attention back towards his toy box.

The toy box itself is a large wooden and metal chest that has a hole cut out in front for easy access as well as the lid has been propped open for air circulation. Toys overflow – all plush. Toby noses around trying to find the next object of his attack – pulling out one toy at a time, giving it a few chomps before dropping it to get the next. Ten toys later and he finds what he is looking for – a grey stuffed hedgehog that is two steps away from visiting that great doggie toy shop in the sky – no more squeak and its stuffing is starting to fall out. Toby grabs that poor hedgehog by its nose and thrashes it about, the toy slapping his ears and then he runs and places the toy in my lap. He barks, he wants to play.

After a few throws, Toby jumps up on the couch to catch his breath. I had to ask about his obsession with plush squeaky toys. His response, “bark, bark, woof, growl, bark, yip, woof, bark.” His head cocked to one side and his ears fall forward as if I understood the explanation.

Maybe he is trying to say that they don’t fight back or he just like squishing things between his teeth…Nope, did not understand it and probably never will. But it is all good, he is happy and just wants to play…

….Time Lapse…It is all quiet now. Toys have fallen, scattered on his battlefield, the front yard. I know I will have to go behind him and pick up the fallen, only to have the battle played out again…maybe not today, but for sure tomorrow.

When the toys squeak, it squeaks for thee and the dog wants to play.

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  1. Of course the is his ball that has been replaced many times and still ti is his best toy. This comment is from the dad of the blogger and we all have fun with our dogs.