Thursday, July 30, 2009

Tarot for Writers - A New Way to Gather Ideas

As writers we are able to find ideas in even the most mundane of items such as the wagging of a dog’s tail, but there are times when you just want to apply your forehead to your desk and bang repeatedly – this does not work…it only damages your desk and hurts your forehead (I have the bruises to prove it).

A snippet flies around, elusive and hard to grasp, but it can…no, it must be caught – but how? Your idea net is in the shop for repairs and the idea snippet does not like the smell of those sticky flytrap thingies (as a matter of fact, neither do I) – the answer is quite simple, bring out a tarot deck, they are not just for divination anymore, but windows to a creative soul, and the ideas seem to really like them.

As writers we live in a world of symbols – well at least some do. We delve deep into meanings and sprinkle them in our prose for our enjoyment as well as the enjoyment of the reader. But, I digress – back to making that idea snippet stick and grow. Tarot for Writers by Corrine Kenner is the trap for that snippet.

Ms. Kenner introduces the writer to the tarot cards as well as their meanings and how to read the symbols located within each card, but that is not all. Tarot cards can also be sued to help with a character that will not behave and put your plot in line. Ms. Kenner walks you through the classic tarot patterns and how they can be used from a simple three card layout to the larger, more in depth Celtic Cross.

The tarot cards can also help you through writer blocks as well as give inspiration when you are feeling down. So if you want a new direction to go in your writing or help solve, visit Corrine Kenner’s website at or your local bookstore to pick up this book of 325 pages of idea gathering goodness.

Wednesday, July 29, 2009


I really just like this photograph - it inspires and causes awe.... a good way to start a blog.