Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Jack of All Trades

As I sit staring at the hundreds of non-fiction articles that I have written while I ponder my next day’s article, I came to a realization. I am a “jack of all trades, yet master of none”. From making your own soy milk to cleaning concrete – it appears that I know just about everything. Alas, I wish that was true, but no – I am good a research and can put my research into a simple, easy to understand article. I love research. Be the research from a book, the internet or just talking to someone – there is always something to learn.

A funny thing happens when one researches (and not I am not talking about losing brain cells) – call it your muse or a tiny little demon that lives in the back of your mind or whatever – you can get some good ideas for fiction. Think of soy milk not really made out of soy beans (think of the movie Soylent Green) or a character had made a new dog treat that the dogs just love, but it is turning the dogs against their owners because they now want the fresh version of the treat (their owners) – okay, my mind is a little perverted and warped, but you get the idea – everything is fiction fodder.

Writing non-fiction and instructional articles offers the fiction writer a wealth of ideas. I am off to go learn something new. Who knows, the next non-fiction article that I write will be the next short story coming soon to a magazine or anthology near you.

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